Make CSR Doable.

All in One Place. 

Aperitas is a single point of access platform that provides a full out-of-the-box CSR solution.

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Different CSR Needs.

One Platform.

Aperitas helps any company that has a CSR obligation or ambition. Regardless if this obligation originates from procurement requirements or required by law.


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Know. Do. Share.

The Framework.

The Aperitas platform is built on a framework consisting of three core disciplines.

Knowing. Doing. Sharing.


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How to Know.

Knowing is the starting point for all CSR.

But typically, knowledge is limited to tier one suppliers. And the level of knowledge is often compromised by manual procedures and limited structure.

Aperitas changes this approach fundamentally with a simple, single point of access platform.

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How to Do.

The Aperitas Do Cycle Framework is designed to help any company, department or team work more efficient and structured with performance management.

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How to Share.

There can be no CSR without transparency. And the positive effects of sharing intelligence are powerful.

Transparency leads to trust. Trust leads to collaboration. Collaboration leads to value added.

Aperitas facilitates the ability to effortlessly control and share relevant intelligence with multiple stakeholders.

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