We make CSR doable. doable.

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Make CSR doable.
All in one place. 

Aperitas is a single point of access platform that provides a full out-of-the-box CSR solution.



Different CSR needs.
One platform.

Aperitas helps any company that has a CSR obligation or ambition. Regardless if this obligation originates from procurement requirements, own initiative or is required by law.



Know. Do. Share.
The framework.


The Aperitas platform is built on a framework powered by these three essential CSR disciplines: 

Knowing. Doing. Sharing.


How to know.

Knowing is the starting point for all CSR.

Aperitas automate the processes of intelligence-gathering and disclosure and provide a single-point access to all your CSR data sources.

Internal data as well as data from your full supply chain and not just your critical tier 1 suppliers.


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How to do.

The Aperitas Do Cycle Framework provides a structure and process and helps any company or team to work more efficient and structured with CSR performance management.


How to share.

Disclosure is a fundamental element in the CSR eco-system but for most companies resource demanding to administrate.

Aperitas’ build-in sharing functionality solves this challenge by making both control and sharing of relevant intelligence with multiple stakeholders easy and risk-free

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For us Aperitas has been the gateway to CSR 2.0 and the solution we have needed for years. It makes it much easier to secure and drive our CSR work. Great solution. Great support team.
— Rasmus Schmiegelow, CEO, GOODIEBOX
Sustainable supply chain intelligence is critical but very difficult to implement and companies need to join forces to tackle it. Aperitas is an innovative new platform that efficiently addresses this matter in a way that takes into account the needs of large corporations and SMEs alike.
— Professor Dr. Thomas Johnsen, Politecnico di Milano

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