The Aperitas Network workflow

- shows how sustainability information is collected, analysed and used to create valuable benefits for your business

  • Company information

    Create your Company profile and gather all the information in one place - using comprehensive, editable and user friendly sustainability profiles.


    Supply chain collaboration

    Invite your suppliers into the Aperitas Network. Let them fill out their sustainability profile - and you will have all data in one place and an overview from a single point.


    Sustainability resources

    Create a database of useful sustainability information for your company and for your suppliers

  • Changes over time

    Plan targets for future periods and compare current results to your past performance.

    Aggregated data

    See all the changes of your data categories in interactive charts and draw appropriate conclusions.


    Measure and compare your company’s indicators to the best practices of the industry.

  • Risk management

    Identify sustainability issues automatically and early. Resolve and prevent potential problems by facilitated cooperation.

    Performance Management

    Obtain powerful and up-to-date sustainability intelligence for the entire supply chain easily, fast and with a minimal effort.

    Proactive compliance

    Demonstrate commitment to sustainability, embrace responsibility and build credibility towards partners and key stakeholders.

The Aperitas Network performance wheel

- is a build-in methodology that can help your company to improve performance by managing  targets and initiatives

Set Targets

Establish Profile

Carry out analysis

Consult Resources

Launch Initiatives

The Aperitas Network Communications

Tell you suppliers about your targets and let them communicate their initiatives

Your company

Report your targets, initiatives and results to your customers and stakeholders

The Aperitas Network Collaboration

Follow customers' and suppliers' initiatives

Set targets and share them with your partners

Provide feedback on supply chain initiatives

Share knowledge with your supply chain