"It is quintessential that industries with internationalised supply chains, embrace the many advantages of transparency in partnerships"

Uffe Arlo-Theilade, CEO of Aperitas


New business opportunities

CSR and sustainability are the fastest growing agendas for companies, organizations and government agencies. Global challenges require that we all take an active part in finding new sustainable solutions. Many companies have already begun to exploit the opportunities that these challenges provide to create growth and value – building a sustainable supply chain constitutes a key area for these opportunities.


From reputation to innovation

Among leading companies a new understanding is evolving in regards to the handling of sustainability in supply chains. A control paradigm, favouring the purchaser side, is replaced with a paradigm where collaboration and performance are at the centre and supply chain is dealt with as a whole/network.

Aperitas is created with our attention directed towards this new paradigm – that’s why we have been able to create a solution that will support visionary companies to create a better business by fostering innovation in the supply chain in collaboration with their suppliers.


CSR also for SMEs

Dealing with sustainable supply chains, has until now been a topic reserved large companies, since the old control paradigm presupposed purchaser’s use of power towards suppliers. With the new paradigm, SMEs can become a part of this opportunity, since an approach based on openness and collaboration will align with their needs.

Aperitas is built on the concept of openness. Open to different types of users, with different professions. Open to different types of purchasers and producers and open to partnering between companies, consultancies and NGOs. This openness makes our solution easy to use and flexible towards different user needs. 


Proactive compliance management with fewer resources

Companies spend an excessive amount of resources on manually collecting and controlling sustainability data from their supply chain. Resulting in unstructured piles of spread sheets and questionnaires, containing dead data that doesn’t create real value to business but only provides a uncertain hope of risk control.

The Aperitas platform-based solution provides you with an easy way to collect and analyse your sustainability data. It creates up-to-date and meaningful information and gives you the opportunity to promote your company as a reponsible and compliant business, with a limited use of resources.