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Aperitas is a sustainability solution which is aimed to help companies to:

  • assess themselves and their supply chain
  • create their sustainability profile
  • analyse targets and initiatives
  • carry out sustainable supply chain management and real-time analytics
  • export data based on company profile data and much more.

Know more about the Aperitas sustainability solution.

Aperitas is an easy-to-use solution with user-friendly design which can be equally clear and useful for CSR professionals and non-experts as well.

How we are different from others:

  • everything is in one solution (no need to use different products for supply chain management, emissions control etc.)
  • simple registration within 24 working hours
  • Aperitas is for all industries
  • Aperitas is for all companies (small, medium and big)
  • multi-tier supply chain visibility
  • social interaction between users
  • clear and adequate prices
  • no price discrimination based on your company revenue or size

Aperitas profile template was built in accordance with EU Directive 2014/95/EU and Section 99 a of the Danish Financial Statements Act.
Besides, a GRI template based on GRI G4 Guideline will be available soon.

The rules of Aperitas require members to guarantee that the information provided on Aperitas is correct. However, we do not check this data. Ii case you need verification of this information we recommend that you request a third party ethical audit to be carried out at your partner's site.

Aperitas provides plenty of features besides sustainability reporting. Each company may find features which will satisfy its particular needs.

Know more about Aperitas features.

The Aperitas Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Aperitas ensures the safety of its users' data basing on:

1. committment to confidentiality

Your company profile information will only be available to customers you formally approve.

2. safe storage

All data is stored in the data center that is ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA compliant (a broad international information security standard, and undergoes annual audits for ISO compliance.)

The data center has been audited for SOC 2 Type 2, which includes a further examination of the data center controls related to security, availability, and confidentiality.

3. secure connection

The Aperitas platform uses a secure https:// connection with a personal login & password.
All online payments are secured by Stripe.

4. "only real members" policy

We manually approve each new company that registers on Aperitas and agrees with our Terms and Conditions.

5. user and access management control

The Aperitas PRO version supports multiple registration which allows you to give each user a particular role (administrator or manager) and grant access to different features of Aperitas. 

6. visibility levels

Aperitas provides you with a secure way to deliver a company profile information to different levels of your supply chain.

The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari are recommended to use Aperitas. Any other browsers may cause errors or data loss on certain pages. 

If you need to cancel your account please:

  • use the support form on Aperitas or
  • send an email to our support team at support@aperitas.com with a remark "Cancel of my Aperitas account" with a reason description.


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Aperitas proposes 2 subscription plans for its members.

Aperitas ONE is always FREE, and members using this subsciption have access to a limited number of features.

Aperitas PRO costs €29 per user and available on the monthly basis.

You can create a free account on our sign up page and start your 30-days FREE trial for the Aperitas PRO version.

Besides, we also can offer you the Aperitas ENTERPRISE version, including private cloud, custom development and many more.

More details can be found on our pricing page.

A FREE trial for Aperitas PRO expires after 30 days of use.

Then two options are possible:

1. If you would like to continue using Aperitas PRO features you should provide your billing details and pay for the subscription.

2. If you prefer to use Aperitas ONE, simply do nothing - the Aperitas ONE version will become available after the end of the Aperitas PRO free trial.

1. If you use the Aperitas ONE free version you can change it for Aperitas PRO at any time you want.
All you need is to:

  • fill in your billing details and
  • pay for your monthly subscription.

The Aperitas PRO subscription will become avaliable for you when your payment is verified.

2. If you use Aperitas PRO at the moment and want to change it for Aperitas ONE you simply need to wait until your subscription ends.
Then you can use the Aperitas ONE free version with a limited number of features.

All the Aperitas subscription plans have a predefined number of features.

If you want to see customised features on Aperitas we can discuss with you the Aperitas Enterprise version to be developed especially for your company needs. 

Yes. When you purchase Aperitas PRO, you are entitled to a monthly subscription.

Upon your 1st subscription, you need to select a subscription plan and number of users. 

At the end of the subscription period, your subscription plan will be automatically renewed for 1 more month.

Please don't worry: we will send you a notification concerning subscription renewal before the expiration date. 

In this way you will be able to cancel your subscription if you need or simply do nothing if you decide to prolong it.

At any time, you may also observe your subscription status and next renewal date from your Aperitas account.

It depends on your subscription plan.

Aperitas ONE allows you to register only 1 user under your company.
Aperitas PRO gives your company an ability to sign up as many users as you wish.

If a company uses the PRO version of Aperitas all the users (existing and new) get the right to use the PRO subscription.


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A company administrator provides a billing information for the company and purchases a subscription for all the company users.

As payment methods we accept credit cards and wire transfers. 

The advantage of using a credit card for payments is that your order will be processed immediately and you will be able to start using your subscription plan as soon as your payment is validated. 

To pay with wire transfer please send us an email to support@aperitas.com with a remark "Wire transfer". We will then provide you with instructions.

As a rule, your payment should be validated immediately.

However, most banks only process transfers on business days (Monday to Friday). Money sent on holidays or weekends may be available when your bank opens.

No. Firstly you get an ability to start a FREE trial for Aperitas PRO. Then if you would like to use this subscription further please provide your billing details and pay for the Aperitas PRO version.

Please check in your personal account if your payment was successful (status "PAID").


1. If YES it means that your payment has not been validated yet. 

Wait for some time (1-2 hours maximum). If nothing changed please email our support team at support@aperitas.com and we will try to solve your problem.

Please also note that most banks only process transfers on business days (Monday to Friday). Money sent on holidays or weekends may be available when your bank opens.


2. If NO it could happen for many reasons, for example: 

  • Reason: Your bank account or credit card did not have enough money for a transfer.
    Solution: Add more funds to your bank account or credit card and then retry your payment. Or change your bank account or credit card to another one with enough money, and retry the transfer.

  • Reason: Your bank account is closed or your credit card is not active.
    Solution: Update your bank account to a valid checking one or add another valid credit card. 
  • Reason: Invalid account number or card number.  
    Solution: Update your bank account to a valid checking account or check the credit card information and try processing the transaction again.
  • Reason: The credit card has been reported stolen or lost. 
    Solution: Use an alternate credit card.
  • Reason: The bank account or credit card has some restrictions. 
    Solution: Change your bank account or use an alternate credit card.


If you still have questions email us at support@aperitas.com.

Yes. You will get an email invoice for every charge made with your credit card.

Also, you can view all the invoices got by you in your private account under "Invoices".

1. Please go to your Account.


2. Then choose Payment details.

3a. If you add this info for the first time.

Enter your credit card details and press SAVE.

Payment Details New


3b. If you want to edit or remove your current credit card.

Click the EDIT icon in the right corner, then change info or remove your card and press SAVE.

Payment Details Old 


No. Please be aware that only company admins may create and delete users.

In this case you need to go to the User & Access management section first and delete/block necessary users on your own (2 users in this special situation).

But when you lower a quantity of users you can't get your money back.

No. If you purchased the Aperitas PRO subscription you may unsubscribe at any time you want. 

But please make sure that we do not offer any partial refunds.

Purchases of subscriptions are subject to the Aperitas Terms and Conditions and are therefore non-refundable by Aperitas.

Please be aware that only company admins may create and delete users.

When you increase a quantity of users you have to pay for them first.

You do not need to calculate how much you should pay for 2 more users after e.g. 10 days of subscription use - the system will do this automatically and provide you with an invoice.

After payment is received you are able to create as many users as you paid for.


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1. Please go to our sign up page.

2. Fill in all the fields and click "REGISTER".

Register on Aperitas

3. Then you will see the following message on your screen.

Registration notification

4. Wait untill you get a registration confirmation email from the Aperitas team.

 Registration confirmation


5. Activate your account by clicking the activation link in this email.

Registration activation


6. Sign into Aperitas with your credentials.

Sign into Aperitas

All the data given during registration (user information) will remain confidential and will not be provided to your supply chain. This data is used by Aperitas to verify your company identity.

Please note that this does not concern publicly available information (e.g. company name, country, city etc.).

If you get a rejection email from Aperitas it means that some data you provided during the registration was incorrect.

Please check the information you entered and try to register once again.


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Please be sure that only admins of the company may create and delete users.

1. Go to the User and Access Management section.

User And Access


2. Click "Create user".

Users 1


3. Fill in the necessary fields and press "Save".

Create User Window1


A new user will get an email from the Aperitas team with a user name and password to log into Aperitas. No additional registration or approval is required.

Another option is to register under your company which is already presented on Aperitas. In this case a company admin approval is needed.


4. If you want to delete, block or unblock a user simply press an appropriate icon in front of him and submit a request.

Please be informed that only company admins may create and edit roles and limit access to particular features.

1. Go to the User and Access Management section.

User And Access


2. Click "Roles", then press "Edit" in front of the user role or create a new one. 



3. Edit the user role by managing access to features and press "Save".

Edit Role

Each company is able to connect with its Suppliers, Customers and Affiliate partners on Aperitas.

1. Start typing a name of your partner in the search box.



2.  If your partner is shown in this dropdown list simply click his name, press "Connect" and choose a type of this partner. 


3. If you didn't find your partner in this list press "Enter" or click the search icon near the company name you just entered.

Air Cargo Search 


4. Press the "Connect" button in front of the name of your partner and choose a type of a partner you would like to be connected with.

Search Connect


5. You can also do the same by clicking "Connect" in the Supply chain summary section on the Home page.

Connect With Partner

1. Go to Parameter stats under Tools.

2. Choose a type of analytics to be shown - Summary or Progress.

3. Select a profile aspect, field and specify the period in time for which you want to see analytics (also choose between other filter options).

Currently, you are permitted to upload the following file types (200 Mb maximum) in your company profile:





.accdb (Microsoft Access)
.pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat)
.doc, .docx (Microsoft Word Document)
.key (Apple Keynote Presentation)
.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
.odt (OpenDocument Text Document)
.xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)






.mp4, .m4v (MPEG-4)
.mov (QuickTime)
.wmv (Windows Media Video)
.ogv (Ogg)
.3gp (3GPP)
.3g2 (3GPP2)

and others.

1. Go to My Company profile.
2. Click the EXPORT button and choose between export all or selected aspects.

Export 1


3. If you chose EXPORT SELECTED tick off necessary aspects and click the submit icon.

Export Selected 1


4. Have a preview of what will be exported and click DOWNLOAD.

Export Profile

* Besides, you also have an ability to export your company initiatives, your partner profile data and initiatives, and supply chain initiatives.

No. Only companies you are connected with may see your supply chain.
All the other Aperitas members will be able to observe only your company card with a contact information (as shown below).

Not Connected

1. Go to the Privacy settings section.



2. Adjust you settings and click "Save".

Privacy Settings

1. Please go to My Company page and click the EDIT button on your company card.

Company Card


2. Update the necessary information and click SAVE.

Edit Company Card

If you need to change your company name please:

  • use the support form on Aperitas or
  • send an email to our support team at support@aperitas.com with a remark "Change of my company name" and a reason description.

1. Go to your user settings.

User Settings


2. Click the EDIT icon and update your data.

Personal Data1

1. Go to your user settings.

User Settings


2. Enter your current password and fill in a new one. Confirm a new password and press SAVE.

Change Password

1. Go to your user settings.

User Settings


2. Click the EDIT icon.

Personal Data1


3. Tick off the ENABLE TRAINING GUIDE box and press SAVE.

Training Guide


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Currently, only 1 template is available on Aperitas.

But if you need your own customized template please send us an email to support@aperitas.com.

Please be sure that your company administrators can manage profile data by default.

Users with a role "Manager" or any custom role can do this if they are given FULL ACCESS or VIEW ONLY access to the Profile in the role settings (as below).

Profile Access


Besides, your supply chain partners of 1st level have an ability to VIEW your profile data.

1. You are in My Company profile.
2. Move your cursor to Relevant aspects and unmark aspects that are not relevant in your context.

Relevant Aspects 1

1. You are in My Company profile.

Add New Period


3. Choose a period from the dropdown list and press ADD PERIOD.

Add New Period 2

Please be sure that this option is available in Aperitas PRO only.

1. Go to Company settings.

Company Settings


2. Change your preffered reporting period and press SAVE.

Preffered Rep Period

1. You are in My Company Profile.
2. Choose a necessary reporting period in the dropdown or add a new one.

Profile 1


3. Click the EDIT icon in front of an aspect that should be edited.

Profile 2 


4. Fill in the necessary fields and press SAVE.

Profile 3

Disclosure level is a percentage of completed fields to the whole number of fields.
Please be sure that it's shown for the last reported period.

Disclosure Level 1


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1. Go to My company Data.
2. Click the EDIT icon in front of your initiative.

Initiative Status


3. Choose a status for your initiative in the dropdown and press SAVE.

Initiative Status Dropdown

Yes. You can make them visible only by your company.

1. Go to My company Data.
2. Click the EDIT icon in front of your initiative.

Initiative Status


3. Tick off the box which states "Only visible to my company" and press SAVE.

Initiative Transparency


4. Now your initiative is marked with a padlock icon.

Initiative Status Invisible

1. Choose an aspect and click the EDIT icon in front of it.

Click Edit Aspect


2. Press CREATE TARGET near the necessary field.

Edit Aspect


3. Fill in your target fields and click SAVE.

Create Target Profile

1. Go to My company Analytics.
2. Click the EDIT icon in front of your target.

Edit Target


3a. Place your cursor in the Initiatives field, start typing and choose an existing initiative or
3b. Click the plus icon to create a new initiative.

Target Add Initiative 

1. Go to Supply chain Overview.
2. Choose "Map" and filter your suppliers by different parameters on the world map.

Please be sure that only direct partners (of 1st level) can be marked with a star.

1. Go to Supply chain Overview.
2. Choose a partner and click the star. The color of the star will be changed from semitransparent to bright orange.

Company Star

In order to see all the Aperitas members or find your partner among them you need to go to Company Directory.

1. Go to Connection requests.
2. Approve or reject your pending in requests and observe or resend pending out ones.

You may also connect with your partners from here using the CONNECT button. 

1. Go to Connection requests.
2. Click "Pending out".
3. If you have outgoing connection requests to be changed click CANCEL or the resend icon.

Please be sure that all relations documents can be seen only in Aperitas PRO.

For this purpose you need to:

1. Click "Tools" in the menu.
2. Choose "Relations documents".
3. Click UPLOAD.
4. Select a file, specify a company and click SAVE.

If you use Aperiras ONE you may observe only documents shared with a particular partner.

1. Go to a partner profile.
2. Click "Shared" in his profile menu.
3. Click UPLOAD.
4. Select a file and click SAVE.

Please note that you can send messages to your supply chain partners only.

1. Go to Messages.
2. Type a name of your partner in the search box.
3. Write your message and click SEND.


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1. If you just registered

Be sure that you activated your account by clicking the activation link in the email from the Aperitas team.

If you haven't done that yet check your inbox, activate your account and try to log into Aperitas once again.


2. If it's your first bad attempt to log in

Perhaps you registered with a different email or password. Try another combinations, and if you do not succeed click "Forgot password?" and follow instructions to restore your password.


If you have any questions please contact our support team at support@aperitas.com.

If you can't remember your password click "Forgot password?" and follow instructions to recover your password.

Simply click "Join" in the invitation email from your partner and fill in the registration form.

After the registration process is completed, you and your partner will be connected on Aperitas automatically.

Please notify us about this via support@aperitas.com with a remark "Bug on Aperitas" or submit a request via our support form on Aperitas.

Sure! You can suggest improvements by sending us an email to support@aperitas.com with a remark "Improvements for Aperitas" or using the support form on Aperitas at the left side of your page to suggest an idea.

Aperitas members will get a possibility to vote for ideas and we will choose the best ones among them to add to our roadmap.