Aperitas' Mission


Stepping stones at Hartlepool. Photographer: Tony Worrall/Flickr

The Aperitas Network is a digital solution with a mission to help companies:

  • Extract more value and take on less risk by working together
  • Comply with regulatory frameworks and legislation
  • Implement and promote CSR strategies
  • Evaluate the efficiency of all the links in their supply chains
  • Prevent detrimental events from third parties that can harm a firm’s reputation 


Our product is a combination of an ease-of-use reporting system, and the sharing of reliable information between firms that will allow a more transparent and dependable network of communication.
This way, it will become easier for companies, small or large, global or national, to work together in order to generate an environment where the access to CSR/ESG data and firm behaviour will run smoothly and reliable. 


With facilitation of:

  • Communication — making lines of communication clearer between suppliers
  • Balanced transparency — two-way beneficial exchange of information
  • ESG intelligence — assess the performance and behaviour of your own firm
  • Trustworthy information being submitted by verified partners


By communicating clearly between you and your supplier, and their suppliers for that matter, you do not only develop a clearer understanding of how your product or service comes about, but you also ensure that your company is associated with the type of identity that is just right. 


This is what our solution fosters. 

By embracing the Aperitas Network to appraise a firm’s own supply chain, that firm and its partners, can with peace of mind enter into business ventures and explore new partnerships, all the while ensuring that the reputation of their own firm, shall not be exposed to harmful collaborations.