About Aperitas


“I discovered, to my big surprise, that even large and well-run companies typically have poor supply chain visibility.“ 

Uffe, CEO of Aperitas

Why Aperitas

The name "Aperitas" derives from Latin "Aperi" which means "open" and "transparent" – and that is what Aperitas is all about. Openness, transparency and visibility in supply chains in regards to sustainability.

The idea behind the concept is built on self-experienced issues. A lack of visibility throughout a company’s supply chain can have devastating consequences. Especially when it comes to CSR and how a focus on basic CSR issues, as reuse of materials, energy consumption and employer rights. All this can bring suppliers performance to a new level.

On this basis Uffe Arlø-Theilade, in 2011, conceived an idea for the Aperitas concept. In early 2014, the founders formally established Aperitas ApS as a limited company in Copenhagen, Denmark. A few months later, the subsidiary, Aperitas UK was established in Oxford, UK.



A lot of examples shows that a clear and transparent overview of a firm’s supply chain, can in hindsight help avoiding unfortunate incidences. This could be toxic materials by a supplier’s supplier, tax evasion, copyright infringement, illegal labour conditions - all this without the company knows as much as the identity of the bad supplier. 

Imagine a company dedicated to CSR, with outsourced production, but without adequate supply chain visibility. Unsurprisingly, this results in some costly crisis, a broken supply chain, a tarnished reputation and a lot of ethical dilemmas.

In order to prevent such situations from happening companies typically send out ESG questionnaires to their direct suppliers. The administration of such questionnaires and the subsequent data analysis often involves a substantial amount of tedious error-prone manual work. Moreover, the endeavour also places a large burden on the suppliers, who more often than not, face similar (but not identical) requirements from several of their customer. 


Many SME suppliers struggle to make sense of the academic language typical of the ESG questionnaires. Obviously, this raises doubts concerning the validity of the information provided. Finally, one may question the merit of the entire exercise given the massive collective effort invested. The lack of standardised information formats makes comparisons difficult, benchmarks are very difficult to come by, the information becomes obsolete fast, suppliers beyond level 1 (i.e. indirect suppliers) are not reached, and there are no benefits for suppliers to participate. 



Aperitas ApS is owned by Dextera Ventures ApS and A Ventures Holding ApS. Dextera Ventures ApS is owned by Uffe Arlø-Theilade (CEO, Aperitas), and A Ventures Holding ApS is owned by Bjarke Arlø (Chairman, Aperitas).