About Aperitas


“I discovered, to my big surprise, that even large and well-run companies typically have poor supply chain visibility.“ 

Uffe, CEO of Aperitas

Why Aperitas

The name "Aperitas" derives from Latin "Aperi" which means "open" and "transparent" – and that is what Aperitas is all about. Openness, transparency and visibility in supply chains in regards to sustainability.

The idea behind the concept is built on self-experienced issues. A lack of visibility throughout a company’s supply chain can have devastating consequences. Especially when it comes to CSR and how a focus on basic CSR issues, as reuse of materials, energy consumption and employer rights. All this can bring suppliers performance to a new level.

On this basis Uffe Arlø-Theilade, in 2011, conceived an idea for the Aperitas concept. In early 2014, the founders formally established Aperitas ApS as a limited company in Copenhagen, Denmark. A few months later, the subsidiary, Aperitas UK was established in Oxford, UK.



Aperitas ApS is owned by Dextera Ventures ApS and A Ventures Holding ApS. Dextera Ventures ApS is owned by Uffe Arlø-Theilade (CEO, Aperitas), and A Ventures Holding ApS is owned by Bjarke Arlø (Chairman, Aperitas).